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This short video will demonstrate the Data Entry process for the feature of Legal Math that calculates interest on past due child support.  (This page is under construction.  The video may be modified in the next few days.  January 22, 2009)  


The recurring $400 values shown can be quickly entered using a "repeat" function that repeats the prior positive value and increments the date by one month.

This repeat function can also be used for weekly, bi-weekly, or twice per month obligations.

The interest rate can be changed at any time.

Payments can be applied in several ways:
(1) first to interest as shown here, or
(2) first to principal, or
(3) first to the current month obligation, then to interest, then to principal.

Click to see a report  (PDF file) with the calculated results from this data. (Use the Back button of your browser to return to this screen)

Click to see about additional capabilities and details.


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January 22, 2009