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Custom Legal Software has been writing and selling similar software in Colorado for nearly 20 years.
The Colorado program is in use by nearly every Family Law attorney in Colorado. 
It is also licensed to the Colorado State Judicial Department for use by all of the District Court Judges.

Scroll down to read about program features.

Child Support - New Mexico

(Version 2010)

North Bound from Wagon Mound -  2005 William Redak. All Rights Reserved
A computer program to calculate child support
under the New Mexico Child Support Guidelines law.
  • This Program is a "stand alone" Windows program, not dependent upon any word processing program or any other software.  It is not an Excel Spreadsheet! 
  • Click here to see what the Data Entry screen looks like.
  • Click here to see what a "Shared Time" worksheet looks like. (PDF file)
  • Scroll down to read about program features.
  • The program can calculate a Worksheet A or a Worksheet B.  (It is also able to do a Worksheet B using the so called Erickson case formula.)

  • Once you have tried this program, you will not miss using the form on the State Court web site.  Money back guarantee!

Price for New User:  $170  (plus $29 if you want to purchase a multi-computer, multi-user license)

Note:  As of February, 2013, this program is still available, but can no longer be purchased through this web site.  Please call or write if you wish to discuss purchasing this program.  We can conclude the sale in the old fashioned way:  call, talk, pay and send.

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Program Features:

  1. There are only two Data Entry screens: one for financial information and one for names and court identifying information. All data can be saved and later retrieved to reprint or revise a Worksheet.

  2. As each value is entered or changed the program displays the calculated Child Support Amount.

  3. The program has an option to calculate and print an Alimony Calculation Worksheet.

  4. The program can produce either court captioned Worksheets or Worksheets which are more suitable to be used as Exhibits for attachment to Agreements.

  5. Worksheets can be printed with signature blocks for parties or for the lawyer who has prepared the Worksheet. There is also an option to omit any signature block.

  6. Worksheets can be printed in three different styles, each with a greater degree of detail, making it easier for you, your client and the court to follow and understand.

  7. Worksheets can be displayed to your monitor before being printed.

  8. The program has an option to adjust the monthly Child Care expense by taking into consideration the effect of the Federal Child Care Credit.

  9. The program can perform the calculation required by the Erickson case with up to 4 children on a Worksheet B.

  10. The program has a list of all New Mexico counties. Before printing you can pick from the list of counties which county name should be printed in the caption. A default county name can be specified so that selecting from the list is not necessary for each case. The selected county name will automatically control the name of the Judicial District to be used.

  11. The program allows you to save a list of the lawyers in your office who will be using the program. You can then pick from that list to specify which lawyer's name, if any, should be printed as the person who prepared the Worksheet. A default name can be specified so that selecting from the list is not necessary for each case.

  12. Help messages and instructions are available for every financial data entry item.

  13. The entire child support statute can be displayed with the click of a button.

  14. The entire child support schedule can be displayed with the click of a button.

  15. A single user, single computer, license costs $170. For an additional $29 you can purchase a multi-user, multi-computer license, which lets you install the program on all computers in your office.

  16. There is no yearly fee or other charge of any kind.

  17. If the law changes, the program may become obsolete, in which case you will need to purchase an update. Update pricing will be substantially lower than new user pricing.


February 16, 2013