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Oklahoma Child Support Program Update Warning

You may have gotten to this screen because you elected to download the program before making payment arrangements and before obtaining an new Activation Code. If you are updating from a prior version, you will need to obtain a new Activation Code before you will be able to actually use the program.
Therefore, do not "install" your new program until you have contacted the home office to make payment arrangements and to get your new Activation Code.
Why not?
Here's why not:  The newer version uses a different Activation Code.  The new program will not work until you make payment arrangements and obtain the new Activation Code.  This web site works longer and more regular hours that do the employees of this operation.  There is no guarantee that you can get a new Activation Code immediately when you call.  You might be able to, but you might not.
You can avoid this problem by using the credit card payment option.  When you use the credit card option you will be furnished an Activation Code on this web site, right here and now.
Clarification:  The old program is not affected by "downloading" the new program.  Rather it is affected after you download and when you actually "install" the new program.  It is perfectly okay to download the program now.  Just be prepared to wait on installing it until you have your new Activation Code in hand.

Proceed to the screen where you can download the program.  (When you are given a choice to Run or Save, select Run.)
Return to the page where you can start over and use the credit card payment option and get your Activation Code right away.

January 20, 2010

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