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Director and Staff -- Colorado Division of Labor

Colorado Worker's Comp Software
Colorado Worker's Comp Math  (Free.  Really!  See below)
Software to solve Colorado Worker's Compensation math problems:
  • Calculate present value of a permanent total disability claim.
  • Calculate present value of a permanent partial disability claim.
  • Calculate interest owed on an unpaid/overdue temporary total disability claim.
  • Used by most Colorado Worker's Comp attorneys since 1995.

Why this program is now free
Long ago (late 80's) I developed a WC Math software program (1) to calculate Interest on Unpaid and Overdue TTD benefits and (2) to calculate the present value of a PTD claim which accounted for a Social Security offset.  Many Colorado WC claimant's lawyers (and even a few evil insurance carriers) purchased, used and relied upon the program for many years.

Six years ago the Division of Labor requested and received a free copy of my WC Math program.  They said they wanted to evaluate the program and possibly purchase it for use in their offices.  Not long thereafter, the Division of Labor put a web based free calculator on their own web site. Their free calculator "looked and flowed" nearly identical to my program.  Same colors, same words, same layout and design. (Seriously different results in some cases at that time, but that's another issue that you might want to ask them about.)

At my request, a meeting soon occurred with personnel of the Division of Labor and real attorneys (suits and ties) from the AG's office on one side of the table - and me alone on the other.  Despite their "look alike" program, the other side of the table denied any wrongdoing or liability.  They did, however, extend an offer to change their colors and words.  The best they could think to do was to ask me how they might change their colors and words as to avoid violating my proprietary design rights.  They also asked me to show them where I thought their program was getting a wrong result.

Additionally, the other side of the table also made it clear that governmental immunity was on their side of the table.  From my side, I talked about fairness.  (Although I was a Democrat, I also talked about respect for private enterprise.)  I explained how much money I had lost on account of their conduct.  An appeal to the virtues of small business seemed appropriate.  End of meeting.  I declined their invitation to help them revise their program, with respect to both accuracy and design.  I thought that should be their job, not mine.  They ignored my position that I had suffered a financial loss.

Since that time, the Division of Labor has expanded upon their free web based program such that I can no longer afford to maintain, improve or sell my program.  (They did change their colors, but many of my words, phrases and designs remain.)  Sales of my program over the last several years have virtually disappeared.

The Division of Labor, using a free evaluation copy of my program, hiding behind the protection of governmental immunity, has permanently appropriated my program -- and finally put my WC Math software out of business. 
The program is now
free of charge.  But see PayPal link below where I  beg for money.
(The last time WC Math was not free, a single license was priced at $149.00, plus $85 for each additional license.) 
You are invited to use the PayPal button in the frame below to send me a donation as a "thank you gift" for your lifetime right to use this software.  Tell your friends!
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From this link you can download and install WC Math.

Thanks for your loyalty over the years.

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June, 2010